"Art exists because life is not enough"

This quote by Ferreira Gullar defines my current state of mind, as an artist.  Music can unite people, it´s a purveyor of fun and liberation, it can save lives… In a world that, at times, seems to be submersed in darkness, it feels right to shed some light into it. By listening to my music you nurture the fire that keeps me going and creating - the only way I know to make this world a better place. If you would like to take this deeper, then I have a song for you. It´s an unreleased acoustic version of Favorite Tragedy. Just tell me where to send it, in the box below. Let us build a community around these songs so that I can keep creating music that might inspire you and  hopefully enrich your life.

Where should I send you the song?

I will send you a free track as well as occasional news about releases and tours.